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Parents and citizens association

Parents and citizens association


The P&C is a great way to get involved with the school and wider community and we really welcome and encourage Parents and Carers to come along to our monthly meetings and volunteer at events throughout the year. An hour of help can make a huge difference.

We are involved with raising funds for key teaching and learning resources such as additional technology for the classrooms, sporting equipment and new library books.

We organise a variety of social and fundraising events throughout the year.

If you would like to find out more information out APPS P&C please visit our website:


During school terms, the P&C meets in the Staff Room at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of the month.  All parents and carers are very welcome to attend and contribute. It's a friendly, relaxed atmosphere if you are keen to learn more about what we do and become involved in matters happening at school and the wider community. The school office will email out Agenda items the week before each meeting.

Contacting the P&C

If you would like to contact the P&C with any suggestions or ideas please email:

Our elected P&C Executive Committee for 2019 are excited about working with the staff at Anzac Park Public School in building a strong community vision.

Our P&C executive team includes:

  • Troy & Sarah Robinson: P&C President
  • Bimal Chandra: P&C Vice-President
  • Di Manoughian: P&C Treasurer
  • Vacant: P&C Secretary

Our P&C non-executive team includes:

  • Bec Murray: Auditor
  • Kathryn Allen: OOSH Commitee
  • Joanna Zanello & Fiona Dunne: Fundraising 
  • Kate Ferati: Class Parent Coordinator 
  • Lee Auzins: Communication Coordinator 
  • Lee Auzins: Uniform Commitee
  • Ryan Lawson: Canteen Commitee
  • Rys Williams: Tunnel Committee
  • Carmen Loecherer: Stability Coordinator
  • Courtney Statos: Sport Coordinator
  • Briony Geekie: Creative Arts Coordinator

Minutes from our P&C AGM can be found below. If you would like to get in touch with our P&C representatives, please email the school.

May 11th 2021 P&C Meeting Minutes 

March 9th 2021 P&C Meeting Minutes & AGM 

Febrauary 9th 2021 P&C Meeting Minutes

November 10th 2020 P&C Meeting Minutes

September 8th 2020 P&C Meeting Minutes & Tunnel Report

August 11th 2020 P&C Meeting Minutes

June 9th 2020 P&C Meeting Minutes

March 10th 2020 P&C Meeting Minutes

February 11th 2020 P&C Meeting minutes 

November 12th 2019 P&C Meeting minutes   

September 10th 2019 P&C Meeting Minutes

August 13th 2019 P&C meeting minutes

June 11th 2019 P&C meeting minutes

May 14th 2019 P&C meeting minutes 

April 9th 2019 P&C meeting minutes

March 12th 2019 P&C meeting minutes

February 12th 2019 P&C meeting minutes

November 13th 2018 P&C meeting minutes

Sep 11th 2018 P&C meeting minutes

August 14th 2018 P&C meeting minutes

June 12th 2018 P&C meeting minutes

May 8th 2018 P&C Meeting Minutes

February 13th 2018 P&C meeting minutes

2018 Annual General Meeting Minutes 

September 2017 P&C Meeting Minutes

June 13th 2017 P&C Meeting Minutes

March 14th 2017 AGM P&C Meeting Minutes 

February 14th 2017 P&C Meeting Minutes