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Student wellbeing

Student Wellbeing Policy & Procedures

The importance of wellbeing for learning is well evidenced – students learn best in environments where their social, emotional and physical wellbeing is nurtured.  Anzac Park Public school aims to actively promote and maintain a safe, respectful and orderly learning environment for all students and staff. Students of all ages learn best when the school that they attend is a safe, supportive and disciplined environment. For this reason, Anzac Park Public School uses the School wide Positive Behaviour for Engaging Learners (PBEL) framework to develop a whole-school approach to student discipline. The policy provides further information on how Anzac Park ensure student wellbeing is a core focus.

Student Wellbeing Policy & Procedures:

APPS Anti-Bullying Policy & Procedures: 

Unfortunately, bullying behaviours can occur at any time during school. At Anzac Park Public School, bullying behaviours are not accepted or tolerated. Bullying which goes unchecked can have a negative impact on teaching and learning in a school. We have a duty of care to all members of the school community to take action against bullying. The policy provides both preventative and responsive strategies.

Anti-Bullying Policy: