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Our vision for learning

Anzac Park Public School's vision for learning is underpinned by the following 5 key visions: 

Reimagining For Success

Anzac Park's learning spaces are designed to be configured in different ways to suit the learning needs of the students. Flexible learning spaces enable social and collaborative learning, integrated curriculum delivery, a mix of teacher-directed and student-directed teaching and learning, independent learning, project work, direct instruction, innovative and creative thinking, relationship building, and problem-solving skills.

Creating Connectors

Anzac Park's approach to learning is a conceptual, inquiry approach. A conceptual approach considers the connections across learning areas, as well as the way that individual students learn. It allows learning to be more relevant, as concepts are learned in context and relate to existing knowledge. A conceptual approach to learning ensures that content is relevant, engaging and integrated.

Personalising Pathways

Our approach at Anzac Park is personalised, which allows our students to take control of their own learning. Children learn, improve and achieve more when they are engaged, challenged and supported to learn new things. We know learners do better when they know where they are going and why their learning matters.  We want every student to experience a sense of achievement and progress and growth in their learning.

Inspiring Innovators

Anzac Park Public School is committed to being a leader in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) education on Sydney's North Shore. International research shows that building STEAM capacity across the population is critical in helping to support innovation and productivity regardless of occupation or industry. STEAM literacy is increasingly becoming part of the core capabilities that Australian employers need. Our commitment to STEAM includes specialist STEAM teachers and a dedicated learning space providing the very best in STEAM education.

Learning 4 Life

Our students need new skills to prepare them for further study and jobs – many of which have not yet been created. The 21st Century learner needs to develop their skills and understanding in developing their ability to problem solve, think critically and creatively as well as preparing them to live, work and be successful in the 21st Century. At Anzac Park Public School we prioritise these skills and embed these explicit learning capabilities into all learning programs.