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Reimagining For Success

Reimagining for Success

Anzac Park's learning spaces are designed to be configured in different ways to suit the learning needs of the students. Flexible learning spaces enable social and collaborative learning, integrated curriculum delivery, a mix of teacher-directed and student-directed teaching and learning, independent learning, project work, direct instruction, innovative and creative thinking, relationship building, and problem-solving skills.

Anzac Park Public School showcases state-of-the-art future focused learning spaces. These innovative spaces are capable of evolving and adapting as educational practices evolve and change – thus remaining future focused.  It offers students and teachers' flexibility and connectedness and the ability to learn in an environment that is collaborative, reflective and a place where inquiries are shared, and students engaged.

The majority of our school buildings in our local area were built during a time when teaching practices were different. They were designed during a time when schools were a place where everyone learnt the same thing in the same place in the same way at the same time from the same person.

Teaching practice and student learning needs have changed significantly since then. Extensive research has proven that students learn best when they are:

  • actively involved in decision making

  • initiating learning

  • collaborating together

  • making connections within and across learning areas

Our brand new facilities at Anzac Park Public School allow for new, vibrant and well-connected learning spaces. All of our students are taught in these new innovative learning spaces, and benefit from new teaching methods. To succeed in the future, our students will require research, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They will need to be able to work independently and together with groups of other students. The spaces our children learn in are flexible with the innovative integration of new technology and better opportunities for student/teachers collaboration.

From touch screens to breakout pods and new furniture designs, these flexible spaces are engaging students in ways that reflect 21st century learning.

Features of the learning spaces include:

Mobile, touch sensitive screens, allowing students to engage with learning materials;
Wi-Fi and software allowing all devices in a room, including tablets and laptops to interact;
Writable walls and surfaces encouraging students to investigate and collaborate; and
Lightweight, flexible furniture that can be easily moved around by teachers and students, creating functional spaces for individual and team work.

Take a virtual tour of our brand new facilities of our future focused school.