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Personalising Pathways

Personalising Pathways

Anzac Park Public School is committed to improving student achievement in literacy and numeracy by ensuring every student is getting at least one year's growth for one year's input. This is achieved through a commitment to a collaborative responsibility for student learning. 

All teachers at Anzac Park meet weekly to track student progress. This includes unpacking the cluster markers from the literacy and numeracy continuums, inputting data based on student assessments, and analysing and tracking student growth. This allows teachers to identify student learning needs and consequently adapt their teaching. As part of this process, teachers conference with students to identify learning goals and provide targeted feedback to help students achieve their personalised goals.

Personalised Pathways ensures that students, teachers and parents have a clear understanding of each child's personal learning goals and are empowered with explicit strategies to move each child forward.

As teachers, we promote visible learning in our classrooms by:

  • displaying clear learning intentions and goals
  • identifying when students are not progressing and supporting them
  • actively modelling how to be a visible learner

Student progress is made visible on our whole school data wall, using individual QR codes. The data wall provides our professional community with the opportunity to see how much each student has progressed and how they compare to the rest of the class and year level against benchmarks.