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Creating Connectors

Creating Connectors

At Anzac Park Public School we use a conceptual approach to learning.

Conceptual learning involves students engaged in quality learning experiences based around key concepts and central ideas rather than teaching subject-specific content and topics in isolation. By teaching conceptually, Anzac Park Public School aims to give students a way to organise their new ideas, knowledge and skills, within a larger framework. Research has shown that this improves student retention of understandings and increases students' opportunity to synthesise information at a higher level.

Teaching and learning programs utilise a holistic and conceptual framework for designing integrated units of work, connecting learning with syllabus content, knowledge and skills and it also embeds the use of explicit teaching strategies reflective of the NSW Quality Teaching Framework.

A concept is not an isolated, ossified, and changeless formation, but an active part of the intellectual process, constantly engaged in serving communication, understanding, and problem solving. (1962, Vygotsky)